F-Energies GmbH is a holding company with interests in mechanical engineering (hydropower turbines, electromechanical equipment of hydropower plants) as well as electrical engineering and building technology.

Central tasks of the holding company are the close cooperation with the management and the employees of the subsidiaries as well as the management and development of the companies.
The company structure of the group is as follows:
 Organigramm v3


Dr. Gilbert Frizberg, CEO

Dr. Gilbert Frizberg is the managing director of the family business F-Energies GmbH and its subsidiaries. He also acts as chairman of the Advisory Board of Global Hydro Energy GmbH and enso hydro GmbH.


Heinz Peter Knaß, CFO

Heinz Peter Knaß is part of the F-Energies Group since 2008 and is the managing director of the subsidiaries Global Hydro Energy GmbH and Hereschwerke GmbH.